Staying Connected: Internet Services in the UK

If you reside in the UK, finding suitable internet services is a top priority. Internet services in the UK are varied, ranging from large national providers to smaller, regional ones. Evaluate your needs and preferences to select the right provider. Check your post code to get started

Stay Informed: Internet Outage in My Area

Internet outages can be a frustrating experience. When searching for a reliable internet provider, it's also essential to be aware of the potential for "internet outage in my area" or "internet outages in my area." Researching service providers with a history of minimal downtime can save you from such inconveniences.Check your post code to get started

Stable Connections, Buffer Free Browsing and24/7 Customer Support.

Thamesoptic is a Internet Communications Ltd is a private broadband internet service provider with 12 years of experience.Full Fibre is our most reliable and fastest ever broadband. Built to power busy online homes it delivers incredible speeds up to 500Mb.Check your post code to get started

Business, Residential and Individual.

Fiber-optic connectivity can lend a great advantage to companies of all sizes, particularly organizations who use the cloud for apps or data storage.Fiber Internet connectivity offers significant reliability advantages over copper Internet connectivity, due to the fact that fiber is much stronger than copper.Full Fibre is our most reliable and fastest ever broadband. Built to power busy online homes it delivers incredible speeds up to 1 GB.Check your post code to get started

Availabe & Affordable, Unbitable Price Guarantee and No Data Limits.

Our ultrafast fiber, ultra-reliable and unlimited network can bring you broadband speed of up to 10Gbps. We have a wide range of affordable business FTTP broadband packages.Our FTTP products give you the flexibility to much the delivery of gigabit-speed broadband services and dedicated VOIP channels to ensure QoS for those services key to your business.Speeds of up to 330Mbps-Unlimited data with Thamesoptic. There are no catches, no caps and no hidden penalties, so your business can make the Ultrafast download speeds.Check your post code to get started

Full Network Visibility, Resilient Connectivity and Fully Staffed 24/7/365

Our Network Operations Centre allows us to Identify, diagnose, and respond to any potential network issues promptly often before our customers are affected.NOC operations are protected by resilient pure fiber connections direct to our core network, reinforced by emergency power supplies. Our expert technical support team maintain a full presence around the clock every day of the year, so they’re always amiable when you need them.Check your post code to get started

Evening & weekend calls

Calls of up to an hour to UK landlines beginning with 01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers made Monday-Friday 7pm to 7am and any time Saturday or Sunday (except calls to indirect access numbers (which include calling cards) and dial-up internet access). Thamesoptic is focused on helping its customers arrive at their objectives to customizing their occasion encounters to giving an imaginative domain and to having any kind of effect.Check your post code to get started

Now we are providing pure fibre optic connection in Greenwich and Newham council. We build our own fibre optic network and its independent and back up by redundant connectivity from our abstation Data Centre. We are providing this services from our website www.thamesoptic.com please check and order your broadband connection from this thamesoptic website.







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We are offering any of our dedicated server and colocation services one month free for 6 months contact and two months free for one year contract. Great saving for you and offer will be ending 31th July 2019.

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Legal Information
ABStation is a part of  Thames Network Company Limited registered in England and Wales, The company registration number is : 08207668, VAT Number:GB 162960889.